Free advice to reduce your debt with payday loan consolidation

A rescheduling of old loans can save you money. Many loans, which were completed before 2016, have higher interest rates than current cheap loans. Favorable interest rates in the current low-interest-rate environment make loan repurchase loans extremely attractive. For a loan rescheduling, it pays to compare the effective interest rates of old loans, to catch up on current offers and to pay for everything through a single installment. Nonetheless, there are some things to consider when restructuring debt.

Correct borrowing – that’s important to note

In order to find out whether a rescheduling pays off and how you can easily repost the loans, please note the following 4 steps:

  1. Find your existing loan agreements and record the effective interest rate. According to current Bundesbank statistics, the effective interest rate for personal loans is between 4.5% and 5%; already offers loans starting at 1.99%. If, for example, you pay interest above 6% or even 8%, you should definitely consider rescheduling.
  2. Find out how many euros you pay each month in credit installments. Sum all installment payments to banks to track the current monthly installment. Please also note any additional costs for direct debits, chargebacks or account maintenance fees, which you will pay extra.
  3. Find out about the outstanding balance due on a specified date (eg 2 weeks in the future – the time at which you want to repay the loans). Also, be aware of other costs that may be incurred during the repayment term.
  4. Other costs include the amount of the prepayment penalty. The prepayment penalty for early repayment is regulated by law in §502 BGB. For loans, which were closed after the 11.06.2010 the legal conditions apply. That is, the bank can claim a maximum of 1 percent of the loan amount for a loan over 12 months. Terms less than 12 months are limited to 0.5 percent.

Repay Installment Loan & Repurchase – and pay only one installment

Once you have collected all the relevant information – current interest, monthly installment, outstanding balance, prepayment penalty – you can start rescheduling. You now know what the debt rescheduling loan you need to repay your existing loans. When you apply for credit, you now enter the existing loans, usually the remaining debt and the remaining time as well as the bank account from which you pay the monthly installments. Here, the money will flow from the relinquishing bank, where you apply for the debt repayment loan. Once you have entered all the information, you can complete the application online.

When is a rescheduling worthwhile? Some advantages:

Transparency & financial freedom

If you combine loans with a rescheduling, you have again the choice of how long the term and how large the monthly rate should be. You decide what fits in your budget and what rate you can handle. A longer repayment period will allow you to reduce the monthly loan installment and thus reduce the ongoing burden. A rescheduling is therefore also a good choice when it comes to debt reduction, and control.

Replacing expensive credit lines and saving interest

With a debt rescheduling loan, you can also replace overdraft facilities (“Dispo”) and thus pay lower interest rates. Disposition loans earn an average of 10% pa, which is already 200 € cash in the event of an allocation of 2,000 €, which you can save with a favorable rescheduling. This also applies to installment payments that you make, for example, in online shops or credit cards. Higher interest rates of up to 15% pa may apply here. A comparison of loan debt restructuring can, therefore, be worthwhile.

Take out a new loan

With a debt repayment loan, you can also take out a new loan and still pay a lower monthly installment. If, for example, you need a new car, but you have existing old loans, it may be worthwhile to combine the loans and to co-finance the new car. Some banks even offer you a new loan, as long as you combine old loans with a rescheduling. This is because the single-rate, lower-interest-rate monthly debt burden presents a more manageable risk to the bank. Rescheduling will allow you to borrow even new loans that you did not previously recognize.

Merging loans, repaying debts, paying an installment

The classic example of Getting out of payday loans: when you consolidate your payday loans, you have the option to redefine some contract parameters. In addition, various banks offer you free advice and help you to reduce your debt without getting into trouble. Of course, rescheduling also allows you to pay off your debts prematurely, for example, by being able to pay a higher installment through higher revenues and thus be able to get rid of their debts earlier.

Report mortgage lending and secure cheaper follow-up financing

A rescheduling of mortgage lending can basically take place in three ways:

  • Against a statutory prepayment penalty. Here the notice period is to be considered.
  • After ten years, you have the right to repatriate mortgage lending.
  • After expiry of the fixed interest rate, you have the option of repaying the loan in full or securing a favorable follow-up financing. This may be worthwhile, especially in the current low-interest rate environment, as interest rates on mortgage lending are very healthy.

Repurposing old loans, replacing overdrafts: Compare rescheduling loans

A debt restructuring has many possible uses. You should always compare a rescheduling loan, which provider offers you which offer. A comparison of the loans is worthwhile, as a debt restructuring has an above-average volume of credit. Accordingly, higher interest rates have a greater impact on the overall financial burden over the credit period. Nonetheless, a credit comparison for debt rescheduling is worthwhile, as the low-interest rates of recent years are playing into your hands.

Loan Constructions

Before buying a loan for free use , you may want to look at the websites of various financial institutions or use a credit calculator to look at the options, as we are not sure to find the best loan for our bank at the moment. as in any other industry, it is no wonder that banks are increasingly promoting promotions in their ads. Of course, it will not always be the best thing you are advertising, so it is important to have a good look at the various options before you can take a free loan .

Nowadays, financial institutions are waiting for their clients not only with a kind of construction, but they are also trying to put in a lot of extra, free or premium services to lure more customers. Let’s see what tools banks are using for their services.

Extra services besides free loan

In some financial institutions, free services include extra services such as:

  • Free prepayment option
  • A repayment installment may be deferred annually
  • Online facility for credit administration, payment and claim
  • There is no need to open a new account if you stay with your bank
  • Possibility of preliminary credit assessment within 10 minutes online or by phone
  • Fixed installment
  • Borrowing available in 0-24 hours
  • You can pay in cash, even in your own home
  • It can be requested without a surety or without cover

So it also shows that the scale is very wide, because each bank gives some added value to the free-loan loan constructs , so that customers prefer to go to it. Here, of course, only the question of what to expect in return is:

  • Minimum monthly net income between $ 65,000 and $ 250,000
  • At least 1-3 years of continuous employment
  • Negative KHR cannot be claimed
  • You must open a separate current account
  • You can only request online

It is important, therefore, to look at the possibilities of free-use loans on the websites of various financial institutions , so that we can choose a structure that we can pay back on time.

Loans for free use

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Depending on the coverage, free-use loans may be income-based or real-estate-based – the most common name for the latter is the mortgage. Loans for free use include, for example, credit card and overdraft loans, or fast loans or personal loans. It is important to note that most of the above-mentioned free-use loans can be claimed without collateral .

Credit card loans

For free-use loans , credit card credit is a card issued by a bank to purchase any commodity or service up to the limit of the credit line. If we can repay the debt before the closing of the given month, we do not have to pay interest; if it fails, the bank will start to liquidate the interest, but we will be able to continue our debt until the end of the next month. Of course, more and more banks are already flexible in this area, so they give a so-called grace period so that we can repay our debt.

Current account loans

Some financial institutions provide credit lines to their customers for a specified period of time. This means that certain bank account contracts may include a service where you spend more than the money you have on your current account . It is a type of consumer credit designed to eliminate temporary disruptions of this kind of free- loan.

Quick Loans

Quick loans are usually easy to claim and require no detailed credit assessment or guarantor . Because of this, these free-use loans are more risky for the lender, so they are more expensive , so be careful.

Personal loans

The personal loan has no real estate cover , so we only need to prove our income, which will be the collateral for the loan. The maturity is 1-7 years, and the loan amount available is usually between 100,000 and 5,000,000 HUF . If we are unable to pay for the billing parts, the bank is entitled to deduct a corresponding amount from our payment to our bank account.

Finding the best loan structure for us

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Luckily, more and more financial institutions are providing opportunities for online personal credit administration , so that they can easily find out about the money world who are lazy on the subject and do not want to go into the financial institution every time a question arises.

Online help with credit separation

Personal credit calculators available online can also be an effective solution if you do not move home in the money world.

When using online personal credit calculators , we need to provide you with some general information that will be:

● you can select the amount you would like to receive as a loan

● the maturity that will be used to repay the amount charged,

● You can also select options to transfer your payment to the bank or use other banking services.

These data are important because different financial institutions have different loan structures , which can be used to save up to hundreds of thousands of debt during debt repayment. Because of this, online loan calculators can be very important as we can plan in advance the amount of money we will have to separate into the repayment installments in one month.

Offers of different banks in one place

There are several types of online personal credit calculators, which depends on the website we use. There are very simple solutions to help you calculate your monthly installment, maturity, and interest.

There are online personal credit calculators that not only produce results from a financial institution, but also look for offers from several service providers, so we can also choose the banks we want to see and close banks if we don’t want to use their services.

Whatever personal credit calculator we use , we can be sure that we will get a more accurate picture of credit repayment options that are able to make a responsible decision about our finances.

Loan Calculator – The Best Way To Make A Responsible Decision

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Various loan calculators are becoming more and more popular on the Internet, as they can be used to look at current offers from several financial institutions and compare them at the same time. Best of all, most of these programs are written so that only one button is pressed to the bank of the selected bank, so that we can get more information about the loan and request the loan amount based on the pre-filled information.

What Does a Loan Calculator Know?

Now we can not only calculate the monthly installment, but we can also get other information very quickly with the help of a loan calculator , since most banks are constantly fighting for their clients, therefore it is important for them to include discounts or free services on such lists.

Thus, we can also look at information with such a simple loan calculator, such as the expected length of the credit assessment, whether it is necessary for the bank to pay our monthly salary, a guarantee for fixed installments, or whether this option is available for free prepayment.

What loan offers are there?

Most of these web sites are used to indicate which financial institutions are in contact with which they request the latest data that they can display to their users. So it’s worth looking at a loan calculator that has many banks, so you can choose from a variety of options.

The loan calculator is also a very practical program because it can easily be planned in the family cash register, as monthly repayments are always shown in the results, so you will not experience an unexpected experience when you see the amount of the first installment.

If you don’t want to be in a negative surprise after borrowing for monthly repayments and extra costs, you should also use a loan calculator before applying for a loan to be responsible for making decisions about the material.

Corporate loans: Processing fees inadmissible!

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The judgment of the Supreme Court is clear: banks may not specify processing fees for loans to enterprises in their terms and conditions (GTC). This restricts the freedom with which entrepreneurs may contract with one another. If fees have been charged by the bank, the entrepreneur may now reclaim them.

The BGH judgment limits the freedom of entrepreneurs to conclude contracts freely. The Federal Court of Justice aims at loan agreements between companies and banks . If a bank concludes a loan agreement with an entrepreneur, it is not allowed to charge processing fees (wording: running time-independent processing fee ) in its General Terms and Conditions ( GTC ). The Federal Court of Justice ruled in two judgments on 04.07.2017 .

Lawsuit of two entrepreneurs

The ruling of the Federal Court was preceded by two complaints from entrepreneurs. In both cases, the lending bank had agreed processing fees in its terms and conditions. In both cases, the entrepreneurs demanded the processing fees paid back. The two suits of the entrepreneurs were made independently and also had different judgments. One of the judgments justified the entrepreneur. At the other complaint the court could not agree with the opinion of the businessman.

BGH: Processing fees are price-side agreements

In its ruling, the BGH stated that processing fees in the general terms and conditions of loan agreements for corporate loans and consumer credit should be treated equally. The BGH sees in the relevant clauses in the terms and conditions of the loan agreement so-called price agreements. Additional price agreements are subject to § 307 of the BGB of content control. The fee clauses do not stand such a content control, because the borrower is inappropriately disadvantaged, the BGH in its judgment.

Thus, the bank has to pay its costs from the current interest and may not charge these as fees and additionally claim from the borrower. This affects commercial borrowers as well as consumers.

Limitation of claims

If an entrepreneur wants to reclaim processing fees that he has paid in the past, it is important to consider a possible limitation of his claims . The Bundesgerichtshof refers to the decision of the XI. Civil Senate of the Federal Court of Justice on Consumer Loans. There is another judgment with the reference XI ZR 348/13.

Personal Loan Calculation: guide, formula and how to calculate in Excel

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Here is a very useful guide in which we will see how to calculate the installment for a personal loan . In particular, we will see how to calculate in Excel the monthly repayment installment and the total amount that we will have to repay, the result of the sum of money received on loan and the amount of interest.

When we are looking for a personal loan, the first thing we have to do is compare the different products available on the market. A decisive factor is that of the required requisites , which we will have to possess in order to have access to a specific product. Among the forms of loan reserved to us, we must however identify the best one for us , based on what our needs are. So we will have to choose whether we prefer to complete the repayment as quickly as possible, or to extend the loan term in order to obtain a lower monthly payment. Many companies offer their customers the possibility of simulating personal loans using the appropriate software available on the website. In case you want to calculate the repayment installment for a loan offered by a company that does not allow us to perform the online simulation, it is possible to do it using a calculator , thanks to the special formula.

To calculate the repayment installment, the data that we will have at our disposal are the amount we wish to request, the number of installments in which we intend to make the repayment and the cadence of the same (for example if monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.) and finally the annual interest rate (Tan) applied by the bank for the product to which we are interested. With these data at our disposal, it will be enough to use the following formula to immediately know the amount of the repayment installment that we will pay. Attention: in the calculation of the installment the “Tan” constant must be replaced with the interest rate expressed in decimals . This means that for example if the funding provides a 5% Tan, then in the formula you have to write 0.05.

At a glance it might seem too complicated a calculation, however with the scientific calculator or simply using that of your smartphone , it will take a few seconds to get the result you are looking for. For completeness, we present an example in which we consider a loan of 10,000 euros , for which we choose a duration of 5 years . In the event that the bank provides a monthly repayment installments and an annual interest rate of 7.5% , the amount of each installment will be as follows:

If you are interested in a certain amount but you are still undecided about the ideal duration that allows you to easily pay the repayment installments, but without having to pay too much for the interests, then the best thing to do is to make the calculation repeatedly , changing the number of installments. In the event that your bank provides for payment of monthly installments, for example, our advice is to direct you to an installment that does not exceed 20% of your net salary. This is the criterion that also regulates the assignment of the fifth, and is a good threshold for not changing the monthly budget available to us.

A different criterion by which it is possible to identify the product that is right for us is by choosing the reverse route with respect to what has just been done. If before we considered a customer who had clear ideas about what was the amount he needed and wanted to know the repayment installment that would have to pay, this time we start from the installment to know the amount that we can request . Many times, in fact, it may be useful to know the maximum sum to which you can have access. In this way you can in fact adjust for example on the budget at your disposal when buying a car, or assess whether or not to proceed with the renovation of the house based on the estimate that was presented to us by the company to which we turned . In all these cases, we therefore have an idea of how much we can spend each month to repay the loan, and we must choose the duration of the loan to know how much money we can actually receive through the personal loan offered by our bank. The formula for the calculation of the amount that can be requested is easily obtained from the one previously seen, dividing the installment we want to fix for everything that first multiplied the amount we were going to request.

Also in this case it is useful to see with a practical example how the formula above can be used. For the choice of the monthly payment , we use the criterion previously reported, thus considering 20% ​​of the net salary received. We consider a customer who receives a monthly salary of 1,200 euros . To calculate the installment that will be useful for our calculations, it will be enough to divide this amount by 5 (or, equivalently, multiply by 0.20). What we get is that the maximum installment that can be faced each month by our customer will be equal to 240 euros . If we want to know how much the customer can request by choosing a refund in 10 years , considering an annual interest rate of 5% , the calculation will be as follows:

As you can easily imagine, the greater the number of installments that we will pay and the greater the total amount that we will be able to receive on loan. Also in this case it is very useful to make several attempts that allow us to identify the characteristics of our ideal loan . In addition to the duration of the loan, the second factor that must be taken into consideration is the annual interest rate expected by the company to which we address. Even in this case it is easy to imagine how important a lower interest rate is. Taking a look at the formula, in fact, it is clear the contribution of the interest rate considered (0.05) in determining the amount that can be requested by the customer. The recommendations that must be made are therefore two: the first is to try different times between those provided by the bank; the second is instead to evaluate different financing options among those available on the market, to identify the one that most satisfies us.

How to calculate the installment of the Personal Loan in Excel

We have seen what are the mathematical formulas that allow us to calculate the repayment installment starting from the amount we want to request and the amount that can be requested starting from the installment we want to pay each month. A program that can help us for our purposes is Microsoft Excel , from the Microsoft Office package. If you do not have the license to use this software, you can still download the LibreOffice package on your computer, which offers virtually the same functionality, but does not include any cost for the download or for use. For those who do not know it, Excel is a spreadsheet, which allows us to perform all the operations we want in a simple and intuitive way . This greatly simplifies the life for the calculation of the installment and the amount that we can request, also thanks to the functions that are made available on the software.

Regarding the calculation of the repayment installment that we will have to face, the function that we will have to use takes the name of RATA . The parameters that we will insert in brackets are three, and will be divided by “;”. The first parameter is the so-called ” Period rate “, which is equivalent to the division between the annual interest rate and the number of installments that we will pay each year, which depends on the regulation of the bank to which we rely. The second parameter that we will have to insert is the total number of installments that we will pay, obviously equal to the number of annual installments multiplied by the number of years in which we intend to complete the reimbursement. The third and last parameter that will be required is the amount we want to receive on loan . This last value must be entered as a negative sign , as it represents our initial debt.

To use the function described above, all we have to do is write in a cell ” = RATA (Tan / RateAnnue; RateAnnue * NumAnni; – Amount) “. If we want to make an immediate comparison between different possible solutions in a simple and fast way, the best thing to do is to write the individual parameters that we need in separate cells . In fact, a function of our spreadsheet is to perform operations using the values ​​present in the other cells. If, for example, in cell A1, we enter the annual interest rate, in cell A2 the number of annual installments, in cell A3 the number of years in which we make the reimbursement and in cell A4 the amount we are going to request, the function previously reported will become ” = RATA (A1 / A2; A2 * A3; -A4) “. In this way we will have the advantage of being able to compare two different solutions simply by modifying one of the four cells containing the parameters of the loan.

As seen above, it can also be very useful to calculate the amount that can be requested starting from the installment that we consider ideal based on the net salary we receive on a monthly basis. The function that helps us in this case is ” VA “. The parameters to be inserted are also three times, and are respectively the period rate, the number of installments that we intend to pay each year and the amount of each installment, which must be entered as a negative sign. Choosing to insert in the cell A1 the Tan, in cell A2 the number of annual fees, in cell A3 the number of years necessary for the reimbursement and in cell A4 the monthly payment, the formula that will allow us to calculate the amount that we can request will be ” = VA (A1 / A2; A2 * A3; -A4) “. Using these simple functions we will have at our disposal a loan simulator that will allow us to compare different financing options in a few simple clicks.

Black Friday Loans: zero-interest financing offers

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Is Black Friday 2019 on loans ? Yes, and there are some very interesting opportunities that will allow you to make purchases at very advantageous conditions. We see the best zero-rate financing offers from thanks to agreements with.

The long-awaited Black Friday 2019 is approaching. As always it will be the best day to shop and, why not, start thinking about Christmas gifts by taking advantage of the best offers. This traditional day of discounts that sanctioned the beginning of Christmas shopping in America has now spread to Italy, so that every year more and more people are waiting for Black Friday to buy something. If at first the best offers concerned almost only electronic products, now the Italian Black Friday covers practically any type of product . It is for this reason that we want to deepen the discussion on Black Friday 2019 on loans. Yes, because even in the world of finance this day has carved out an important space. First of all, remember the official date of Black Friday 2019. As always, the day of the unmissable offers is in November, on the penultimate Friday of the month.

For this year, therefore, you are red in the calendar on November 29, 2019 , so as not to lose all the best opportunities for the loans. What can we expect from the lenders this year? Mainly the Black Friday of the loans consists of two different promotions . The first is that which is offered directly by the main credit institutions. The latter often study excellent solutions to offer to their customers. All you need to do is visit the banks and financial websites such as to check out the latest offers available. In line with what happened during the last Black Friday, our advice is to periodically visit the pages of these banks and not only because in particular on that day there will be very interesting opportunities. The offers available for Black Friday on loans will focus on personal loans , with decidedly advantageous interest rates.

The second type of promotion concerns consumer loans instead. As you probably already know it is a form of financing aimed at buying a good or service. The particularity of this product is that it can be requested without going to the branch , as the loan is proposed to us directly by the retailer, who has an agreement with a particular bank. On the occasion of Black Friday at many stores you can receive loans at zero rates to buy products of various kinds, taking advantage of the best offers. As we will see better in the next paragraphs, consumer credit promotions will cover the purchase of products of all kinds. In particular we will see what can be bought during the Black Friday 2019 with the interest-free loans available at major electronics stores but also for household items.

Zero rate Loan offers for purchases

If you are thinking about what you could buy for this Black Friday 2019, know that the choice will be truly unlimited. The sector that will probably be like every year the most active of all is that of electronics . The main shops will literally be besieged by those who want to take advantage of the best offers. In particular, there will be great opportunities on smartphones , a product that has become indispensable for each of us, but also for tablets, PCs and so on . The offers will certainly be inviting, although for the latest models released in 2019 the price may still be important. It is for this reason that a key role in this Black Friday 2019 will be that of loans, which we are dealing with on this page. Buy a smartphone at an advantageous price using a zero rate loan? During Black Friday 2019 will be possible, thanks to the offers studied by the major banks in accordance with the best electronics stores.

Where will it be possible to obtain a zero-interest loan for the purchase of electronic products? There are many retailers who offer their customers this great opportunity. In particular you can be sure that there will be no lack of offers on loans for purchases made at the “colossi” of electronics. So if you see a profitable offer on the flyer of , and know that in that case you will have the opportunity to access the financing on advantageous terms. What is the loan facility for Black Friday 2019? The main banks and financial companies such as Agos Ducato, Compass and have not yet announced the promotions that will be activated on the day of Black Friday and in general during the week of promotions. Based on what has happened in recent years we can say that in many cases retailers will offer us the solution of the zero-rate loan . This is undoubtedly the most convenient financing, since it will allow you to take advantage of the payment in convenient installments, without increasing the total cost of the PC you are buying.

A single clarification must be made on zero interest loans: loans that provide for a 0% Tan but with a Taeg different from 0 are often considered zero. Although it is always a good promotion compared to the rates usually applied, in this case the financing will have a cost. During Black Friday you can take advantage of the real zero rate and therefore with 0% Tan and 0% Taeg and therefore the sum of the monthly installments will be equal to the cost of the product. Which products can be purchased using the zero-interest loans Agos, Compass and ? Any type of electronic product of the best brands. So, for example, desktops and laptops HP, Lenovo, Asus , tablets and smartphones Samsung, Huawei, and more. As for in particular, you can take advantage of consumer loans directly from the official store of the brand from the bitten . So if you want to buy the latest iPhone , the iMac computer or the Macbook , the notebook branded , you can do it using the best offers. Obviously, especially for the latest models the prices will not be really torn, considering the excellent quality of these products. However, payment in installments with zero interest loans will allow you to buy the best products at extremely advantageous conditions.

Black Friday Loans for the House

As we have already said, Black Friday almost exclusively concerned the world of electronics. Today it is no longer like that, in fact almost any product can be found at a decidedly advantageous price in the penultimate Friday of November. Considering products that may have a higher price for which funding can be useful, information regarding the purchases for your home may be useful. Everything about the furniture, bedrooms, furniture and everything that can serve you at home. If you are furnishing your new home or simply want to change something in your home, Black Friday 2019 may be the right occasion. You will have the opportunity to find unique offers on many products. In many cases, despite the offers you can get to an important figure , which can be complicated to deal with in a single solution.

For this reason, alongside the offers on the products you buy, you can take advantage of zero interest loans thanks to Black Friday on loans, Agos Ducato, Compass and more. Where can I apply for zero interest loans for the purchase of furniture and other furnishings? As we have seen for electronics, the financing will be offered directly at the point of sale agreed with the various companies. If you want to buy a new kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom or a bathroom then you will find good opportunities from . As suggested by the store’s own name, offers are not lacking throughout the year, but at the Black Friday 2019 there will be better opportunities to be expected. And then the real interest rate loans will allow you to make the payment in comfortable installments . At the time of purchase you can choose the duration of the repayment plan, on the basis of which the amount of the monthly installments will be defined.

If you want to buy furniture, tables, chairs and everything that you can use for the home, especially for wooden objects, the most affordable products you will probably find them from . Based on what has happened in recent years there will be to be expected of the excellent deals on the occasion of Black Friday 2019. In this case you can also take advantage of zero-rate loans with duration from 6 months up to 60 months . It should be noted that the loan can be requested either directly at the point of sale or online for purchases made through the website . So you can buy what you want in a few simple clicks, and in a few days you will arrive at home, all taking advantage of the offers of Black Friday and zero rate financing. This is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to be taken on the fly. Keep in mind, therefore, the official date of Black Friday 2019, Friday 29 November , because there will certainly be unrepeatable offers.

Loans: Online Quote and Personal Loan Rates

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If you are looking for a loan, among the many products offered by the various lenders are the loans . The Cooperative Credit Bank has been operating in the sector for over 100 years and therefore there is little to say about the reliability and competence of this bank. Let’s see what are the forms of financing that we can request by taking advantage of the loan offers scheduled for 2019. On the company’s website we find a detailed description of the different products , which we will see later on you can calculate a quote before proceeding with the request for financing. The Crediper personal loan is the financing option that allows you to receive an amount up to 30,000 euros . As for the reimbursement, at the time of the request you can choose the duration that we prefer, up to a maximum of 84 months . The monthly installments will remain the same for the entire repayment plan, given that interest rates will be fixed.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to face various expenses , since we are talking about a loan that can be aimed, for example, to buy a car or a motorcycle, but also to renovate the house, purchase furniture or of electronic products or the organization of travel and ceremonies. In short, anyone who needs a certain amount of money to carry out projects of different kinds will be able to access the loans. Another very interesting type of loan is the flexible loan , which adds additional services to the classic personal loan. In particular, the customer accessing the loan may skip or change the amount of the monthly payment set previously. In the event that in a given month there are other expenses to be met, the payment of the installment can be postponed at the end of the repayment. Furthermore, up to 5 times the beneficiary of the flexible personal loan can change the amount of each installment, increasing or reducing the total duration of the loan itself.

Among the loan offers scheduled for 2019 there is also the Small Loan , which is aimed at all those who are looking for a small amount, perhaps to get a gift or give a gift to a loved one. In particular, the amount that can be requested through this product ranges from € 1,500 to € 3,000 , which can be repaid with an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 36 months . If you are interested in a higher sum of money then the offer for you is represented by the Crediper Gold Personal Loan . By choosing this product you will be able to access a sum of money between 30,000 euros and 50,000 euros . Also in this case we are talking about a fixed rate loan, which therefore provides installments that do not vary over time. The customer also has complete freedom in choosing the preferred installment, considering that the duration of the loan is up to 100 months .

To conclude the analysis of the loans offered by the Cooperative Credit Bank there is also the Cession of the Fifth . This type of financing is aimed exclusively at employees and pensioners. It is in fact a form of loan characterized by the fact that repayment installments do not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received and are automatically deducted from the paycheck or pension. The amount that can be requested by assignment of the Fifth is up to 75,000 euros , while the repayment term can be as long as 120 months . In general, loans with consumer credit provided by the bank are aimed at a rather large clientele. The customer to access the financing must prove to have an income that allows him to face the fixed monthly installments. Therefore, in addition to employees and retirees, self-employed workers , who are obviously without payroll, can also obtain financing. Finally, as regards the unemployed , the only solution provided in this case is the presentation of a guarantor who can present a valid income document instead of the beneficiary of the loan itself.

Online Quote Personal Loan with consumer credit

If you are interested in one of the loans that we have just explained to you, then without a doubt the best thing to do is request a loan quote . Through the bank’s website we have the possibility to proceed with the simulation directly online. Everything will be very simple and fast, and will allow us to know immediately all the characteristics of the funding that will be reserved by the company. First of all, to get an idea of ​​the conditions of the offer planned for 2019 by the Cooperative Credit Bank we can take a look at an example of an estimate . On the bank’s website, a personal loan application amounting to 8,000 euros is considered , for which the customer has chosen a term of 48 months . Based on these two parameters, the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates are calculated. In particular, in this case an installment of 188.80 euros is envisaged, while the interest rates charged are 6.25% Tan and 6.59% Taeg .

Comparing the characteristics of the loan offered with those of other companies you can immediately assess whether it is a convenient financing or if it is better to contact another bank. The simulation of online loans is very simple. Being a consumer credit the first information to be included will be the expenditure that we have to face, and therefore the project to be implemented . In the corresponding drop-down menu we can choose for example the purchase of a car, a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, or the purchase of a house or a garage, but also the costs for the study, for medical treatment and finally we can also select the item “Other Projects”. To request an online estimate for personal loans with consumer credit you will obviously need to specify the amount to which we are interested, and finally choose the rate you prefer. Obviously, the installment that we will choose must be within our reach and at the same time must be in line with the constraints provided by the regulation of the loan.

In the case of employees of particular companies it is finally possible to enter a promotional code or company code, which will allow you to take advantage of a special offer. By clicking on ” Calculate the Estimate ” we will start the simulator that will immediately present all the features of our personal loan. In this way we can compare directly from our home pc different products and identify the ideal repayment installment by doing different simulations and evaluating our economic situation. In case you prefer to contact directly an expert in the sector, we advise you to go to one of the branches of the bank present throughout Italy. By making an appointment you can have a meeting with a bank consultant who will present you a detailed loan estimate with consumer credit that best meets your needs. It is good to remember that any request for an estimate for the loans is completely free and is absolutely unconstrained .

How to apply for a Personal Loan in Rome

The Cooperative Credit Bank of Rome , a leader in the consumer credit sector, was established in 1954 and now has a network of over 190 branches . So if you want to request information on consumer credit, simply go to one of the company’s offices. If you want to request a personal loan from in Rome, simply visit the bank’s website and search for branches in your city . In this way you can consult the complete list of offices with their addresses, as well as display the position of the various branches on the map. In this way it will be very easy to identify the nearest Rome branch to your home . As we have already said, you can make an appointment to request information on all the latest offers available, or to request a detailed estimate and then proceed with the request for funding you need.

To request a loan you must have all the necessary documentation at your fingertips, also on the bank’s website. A valid identity document and a health card will obviously be indispensable. In addition, as regards the economic guarantee necessary to access the loan, the customer must present an income document : in the case of employees will be presented the paycheck , for pensioners is required to submit the Single Certification and finally self-employed must present the Unique Model for the declaration of income. As an alternative, as we said before, it is also possible to apply for consumer credit directly online . Once the request for an estimate has been made, all personal data must be entered and all the documentation requested via computer is provided. In this way you can further reduce delivery times , and therefore you will be able to have the money you need in a few hours.

SMEs can apply for EU loans in several places

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From July 2017, small and medium-sized enterprises can access EU-funded loans in over six hundred locations. You can find it in the program. The available amount for seven years is seven hundred and fifty billion HUF, of which HUF 40 billion have been transferred so far.

For the first time in Europe it has become possible to develop an effective strategy – according to the Minister of National Economy – which can make the allocation of EU resources more cost-effective and efficient. The Minister also said that the success of the program is guaranteed by the fact that EU credit plans aimed at improving the marketability of SMEs have made it possible to upgrade more than a thousand companies. Mihály Varga draws attention to the most important feature of loans, which is the repayment obligation. This prompts the applicant companies to make the most thoughtful business plans and to make the most of their investment goals.

Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises are successful

In the second half of this year, businesses placed seven and a half (and households four times) more deposits than their debt increased with domestic banks, “said the National Bank of Hungary in its report on credit institutions’ consolidated balance sheet.

Loans are falling and deposits are growing

The loan portfolio of companies that are not engaged in non-financial activities reported a loss of HUF 7 billion, only in the calculation of transactions. Forint loans are approx. however, foreign currency loans grew by more than three billion forints.

However, the deposits of these companies increased by more than HUF 50 billion.

Before applying for corporate loans – just before applying for a retail personal loan – it is recommended to check the bids of the different financial institutions with the help of so-called corporate credit calculators , as there may be significant differences in interest rates.