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If you are looking for a loan, among the many products offered by the various lenders are the loans . The Cooperative Credit Bank has been operating in the sector for over 100 years and therefore there is little to say about the reliability and competence of this bank. Let’s see what are the forms of financing that we can request by taking advantage of the loan offers scheduled for 2019. On the company’s website we find a detailed description of the different products , which we will see later on you can calculate a quote before proceeding with the request for financing. The Crediper personal loan is the financing option that allows you to receive an amount up to 30,000 euros . As for the reimbursement, at the time of the request you can choose the duration that we prefer, up to a maximum of 84 months . The monthly installments will remain the same for the entire repayment plan, given that interest rates will be fixed.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to face various expenses , since we are talking about a loan that can be aimed, for example, to buy a car or a motorcycle, but also to renovate the house, purchase furniture or of electronic products or the organization of travel and ceremonies. In short, anyone who needs a certain amount of money to carry out projects of different kinds will be able to access the loans. Another very interesting type of loan is the flexible loan , which adds additional services to the classic personal loan. In particular, the customer accessing the loan may skip or change the amount of the monthly payment set previously. In the event that in a given month there are other expenses to be met, the payment of the installment can be postponed at the end of the repayment. Furthermore, up to 5 times the beneficiary of the flexible personal loan can change the amount of each installment, increasing or reducing the total duration of the loan itself.

Among the loan offers scheduled for 2019 there is also the Small Loan , which is aimed at all those who are looking for a small amount, perhaps to get a gift or give a gift to a loved one. In particular, the amount that can be requested through this product ranges from € 1,500 to € 3,000 , which can be repaid with an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 36 months . If you are interested in a higher sum of money then the offer for you is represented by the Crediper Gold Personal Loan . By choosing this product you will be able to access a sum of money between 30,000 euros and 50,000 euros . Also in this case we are talking about a fixed rate loan, which therefore provides installments that do not vary over time. The customer also has complete freedom in choosing the preferred installment, considering that the duration of the loan is up to 100 months .

To conclude the analysis of the loans offered by the Cooperative Credit Bank there is also the Cession of the Fifth . This type of financing is aimed exclusively at employees and pensioners. It is in fact a form of loan characterized by the fact that repayment installments do not exceed one fifth of the salary or net pension received and are automatically deducted from the paycheck or pension. The amount that can be requested by assignment of the Fifth is up to 75,000 euros , while the repayment term can be as long as 120 months . In general, loans with consumer credit provided by the bank are aimed at a rather large clientele. The customer to access the financing must prove to have an income that allows him to face the fixed monthly installments. Therefore, in addition to employees and retirees, self-employed workers , who are obviously without payroll, can also obtain financing. Finally, as regards the unemployed , the only solution provided in this case is the presentation of a guarantor who can present a valid income document instead of the beneficiary of the loan itself.

Online Quote Personal Loan with consumer credit

If you are interested in one of the loans that we have just explained to you, then without a doubt the best thing to do is request a loan quote . Through the bank’s website we have the possibility to proceed with the simulation directly online. Everything will be very simple and fast, and will allow us to know immediately all the characteristics of the funding that will be reserved by the company. First of all, to get an idea of ​​the conditions of the offer planned for 2019 by the Cooperative Credit Bank we can take a look at an example of an estimate . On the bank’s website, a personal loan application amounting to 8,000 euros is considered , for which the customer has chosen a term of 48 months . Based on these two parameters, the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates are calculated. In particular, in this case an installment of 188.80 euros is envisaged, while the interest rates charged are 6.25% Tan and 6.59% Taeg .

Comparing the characteristics of the loan offered with those of other companies you can immediately assess whether it is a convenient financing or if it is better to contact another bank. The simulation of online loans is very simple. Being a consumer credit the first information to be included will be the expenditure that we have to face, and therefore the project to be implemented . In the corresponding drop-down menu we can choose for example the purchase of a car, a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, or the purchase of a house or a garage, but also the costs for the study, for medical treatment and finally we can also select the item “Other Projects”. To request an online estimate for personal loans with consumer credit you will obviously need to specify the amount to which we are interested, and finally choose the rate you prefer. Obviously, the installment that we will choose must be within our reach and at the same time must be in line with the constraints provided by the regulation of the loan.

In the case of employees of particular companies it is finally possible to enter a promotional code or company code, which will allow you to take advantage of a special offer. By clicking on ” Calculate the Estimate ” we will start the simulator that will immediately present all the features of our personal loan. In this way we can compare directly from our home pc different products and identify the ideal repayment installment by doing different simulations and evaluating our economic situation. In case you prefer to contact directly an expert in the sector, we advise you to go to one of the branches of the bank present throughout Italy. By making an appointment you can have a meeting with a bank consultant who will present you a detailed loan estimate with consumer credit that best meets your needs. It is good to remember that any request for an estimate for the loans is completely free and is absolutely unconstrained .

How to apply for a Personal Loan in Rome

The Cooperative Credit Bank of Rome , a leader in the consumer credit sector, was established in 1954 and now has a network of over 190 branches . So if you want to request information on consumer credit, simply go to one of the company’s offices. If you want to request a personal loan from in Rome, simply visit the bank’s website and search for branches in your city . In this way you can consult the complete list of offices with their addresses, as well as display the position of the various branches on the map. In this way it will be very easy to identify the nearest Rome branch to your home . As we have already said, you can make an appointment to request information on all the latest offers available, or to request a detailed estimate and then proceed with the request for funding you need.

To request a loan you must have all the necessary documentation at your fingertips, also on the bank’s website. A valid identity document and a health card will obviously be indispensable. In addition, as regards the economic guarantee necessary to access the loan, the customer must present an income document : in the case of employees will be presented the paycheck , for pensioners is required to submit the Single Certification and finally self-employed must present the Unique Model for the declaration of income. As an alternative, as we said before, it is also possible to apply for consumer credit directly online . Once the request for an estimate has been made, all personal data must be entered and all the documentation requested via computer is provided. In this way you can further reduce delivery times , and therefore you will be able to have the money you need in a few hours.

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